Jennifer is a licensed Go and Tell Gals Life Coach, Writer, and Speaker.


Jennifer equips & empowers women to clarify their vision and boldly step forward in response to God's calling on their lives.

Do you need help accessing your desires?

Have you forgotten how to dream?

I help clients remember how to dream again, and cast God-sized vision over their future.

Do you feel God is calling you to something, but have no idea where to start?

I help clients determine what steps to take to lead them to a clear path that God has called them to. 

Are you too tired to even take one step forward?

I help clients take bold steps forward while finding necessary, realistic rest.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I want you to know you are not alone, there is hope, and your future is waiting just on the horizon.

Hello, I'm Jennifer!

I allowed years of motherhood, marriage and a career to cause me to forget how to dream, and I lost track of who I was. Until I started seeking after who I am in Christ, my dreams were like buried treasure, waiting to be found again. 

Today, I live out Psalm 37:4, by delighting in the Lord and accessing the desires of my heart, so that I can live in the abundance of God’s goodness.   

It is my mission to use my experiences to help other women do the same!  I coach my clients toward experiencing the abundance of God’s goodness when they seek Him first in all that they do.
I believe that all women, no matter their current season, have the capacity to step into their calling today!

Stepping Into Faith and Out of Fear

I met with Jennifer for a coaching session to get her perspective on my situation. I felt pretty confident with my self and the direction my life was going. She was able to pin point certain areas in my life were I needed to loosen my grip and trust God. She helped me make goals and take action steps to reach those goals. Jennifer helped me realize that I do not need to be afraid of losing what I have in order to follow God's calling on my life.

I Gave Up Unrealistic Expectations

After answering a few questions about myself, Jennifer was able to catch that I had been trying to achieve my goals out of a place of unrealistic expectations. Jennifer helped me align myself with reality, and I've been able to finally see my goals within reach. -Lisa F.

I Envisioned My Future For the First Time

I have always struggled to envision my future - whether its a 3 month or 3 year plan. Jennifer helped me cast off everything that was keeping me from being able to dream big dreams, and I'm no more excited than ever for what all God has in store! - Sarah J.

Certifications / Contributions / Endorsements

  • Safely guide you to a clear path that God has called you to. 
  • Help you identify what is holding you back.
  • Help you set realistic expectations and goals.
  • Encourage you to let go of unhealthy motivations.
  • Motivate you toward productivity.
  • Help you determine who you are designed to serve.
  • Assess your needs, desires, and pain points.
  • Help you discover your unique strengths and weakness, and understand how your story makes you fully equipped to do what God has called you to do.
  • Help you access what you truly care about.
  • Create a safe space to name your fears, and enable you face them with facts and truth. 
  • Enlighten you to be able to see where you want to go. 
  • Enable you to turn your goals into measurable action steps.

Pick the Coaching Style That Works For You:

One:One Coaching

Private one-on-one coaching session with Jennifer ensures that you receive individual support for unique needs.

Awaken - (1) 1 Hour Session - $150
Envision - (3) 1 Hour Sessions - $375
Forward - (6) 1 Hour Sessions - $600

*Complimentary Discovery Call Included with Envision & Forward Bundles.

Group & Team Coaching

Tailored for small groups, organizations and departments. While individuals may personally benefit from group coaching, Jennifer's main focus is to bring unity within the group centered around a specific mission or goal.

As all group & team coaching sessions are specific to each groups' needs, please contact Jennifer to discuss your group's needs and receive a quote.


Get away from your busy life so you can focus on refreshing your mind, body and soul with other women who have similar goals.

Sign up as an individual or small group for upcoming retreats. At this time, Jennifer is collecting interest in retreats, and will be announcing details about future retreats soon!

Pricing To Be Determined

If You're Alive & Breathing, It's Not Too Late...

Let’s take these next steps toward the future God is calling you to TOGETHER!


Completing the Coaching Interest Form is the first step toward accessing the desires of your heart. I will respond with a questionnaire to help you determine what Coaching Plan is best for you.


Once you decide on a coaching plan that fits your needs, we will select a date, time and platform that works best with your already full life.   


This is your time – let’s make the best of it! I am simply here to guide you toward shaping your dreams, releasing unrealistic expectations, setting goals and taking the next steps into your calling. 



dream again!

Complete the Coaching Interest Form to take your first step to awakening the dream that’s always been a part of you!

Your journey starts today!

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