My name is Jennifer

but you can call me Jen

“My work is an expression of who I am, what I love, and what inspires me…”

Hi, I’m Jennifer and I’m so glad you found my little space on the web. I have designed this to be a place where I can freely share what is on my heart, and where I can also share my hobbies, adventures and passions. . Please stay a while, take your time, look around, and find your place. I’m on a journey to learn how to listen to God’s voice and live according to Christ in me. My hope is that God will use me and this place to help others to live up to their fullest potential and to be the person that God designed them to be. 

I would love to hear from you, so please leave me a comment!

I was born & raised in San Diego, California. I’ve always been more creative. Not to say I’m not academic, afterall, I usually made straight A’s. I’m a perfectionist, a competitor, and a dreamer. Just a little bit of everything. I love watercolors, photography, writing, dogs, the beach, hiking, running, jiu jitsu, and eating (not in that particular order).

I am a mom to two teenagers, an English Bulldog, and a Tortoise. My husband and I have been spent the last 20 years growing in our faith in God together and raising a family that can survive this crazy world.