Why I Write.

I’ve always loved to write. English was always my favorite subject. Even grammar. Do you remember sentence diagrams? I used to love doing sentence diagrams. I’m sure that must mean that I’m a little bit twisted, because, really, who loves sentence diagrams? That’s just weird. But I guess I am a little weird, like everyone else! That’s what makes life interesting – we’re all weird in our own ways. So, I’ve carried this idea – to write a book – with me for several years. 

I have had a relationship with God for as long as I can remember. And, as part of the great Commission, we are supposed to be sharing the gospel and God’s love with the world. I may not be the best speaker, but writing is where I feel like God can shine through me as I put my thoughts into words for others to read. 

Writing is my way of fulfilling the Great Commission. 

When I was little and without much filter, I would blurt out to everyone I saw that they needed Jesus in their life. When I was three, I asked an old man in the grocery store if he loved Jesus. Sadly, he said he didn’t. I won’t repeat what my three year old self said back then. But honestly, maybe that’s what God wants us to do. He wants us to preach his gospel with no shame! 

I believe that God continues to teach and inspire us through his Word, the Bible, still today. That is why there is always something to write, shedding new light and new perspectives on ancient Bible stories.

God is constantly teaching me, day by day, moment by moment. I’m always learning, and as I go through life, I am always thinking of a particular scripture, and stories that I’ve learned throughout my life. I relate to them and start to understand them more and more, as I grow in my own experiences, I feel called to share what God is teaching me.

May God ever be by your side,

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Why I Write.