God Cares About the Details

We’ve covered a lot in the last three days and we haven’t even gotten to the “Christmas story.” This is intentional on my part. As I had mentioned on the first day, the Christmas story is so much more than what happened in a little town called Bethlehem. Please hang tight with me a little longer. I promise we’ll get to that part of the story soon. 

Today, I feel like we just need to slow down a little and take a moment to reflect on something that I think we take for granted, or maybe we don’t even realize or know. 

That is that God cares about the details. Proof of this is written all over His creation, in the detailed instructions He’s given to His people throughout history, in the way He formed us and even in how He leads us, and especially in how He prophesied the Savior of the world.

Details of Creation

The details of God’s handiwork can be seen all around us, in His creation, in the variety of the plants, animals, terrain, and even in people. Nothing about creation is cookie-cutter. 

To this day, scientists, researchers, and explorers are discovering more and more details about this complex world we live in. They still don’t fully understand why and how things work, and they’re still discovering new types of animals they’ve never seen before.

Detailed Instructions 

Whenever God gives His people instructions to do something, He provides every single minute detail. 

Here are just a few examples (click the scripture references to read about the detailed instructions God gave):

Details of the Coming Savior

Throughout the Old Testament, the plan for Jesus’s coming, and the details of how he would come and what he would do are recorded:

Details of Our Lives

The point I hope you see is that God truly cares about details in all aspects. This is important because that means He cares about the details of our life, too!

He is not a God who is absent. He didn’t create the world just to walk away from it, leaving it to rot and decay and destroy itself. He created a world that can sustain itself, as seen in the cycles and patterns of weather and seasons. 

Even when Satan tempted Adam and Eve, and sin entered the world, God didn’t give up on us. On the contrary, He put together a detailed plan for us, and He has fought to get us back since that day. He won’t rest until His work is finished.

Today is Sunday. It’s the start of a new week. As you go about your week, planning all the details, remember God has a detailed plan for you.

I challenge you to give the details of your life to God. Let Him be in control. It says that He makes all things good (Romans 8:28). It says that He will fulfill the desires of our heart (Psalm 37:4), but only if we allow Him by placing our trust in Him (Proverbs 3:5-6).

God Is In the Details

Not only does He care about the details of our life, He is in the details of our life. If you look for Him, you will find Him.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

Where I live, we have a dirt trail that winds all throughout the neighborhood. Yesterday, I went out for a walk. I went out one way, and an hour or so later, I came back the way I came. 

Just for fun, I decided to try to find my footprints from earlier. It was hard, at first. Actually, I had to stop and look down at the dirt to see what my footprint even looks like. It seems kind of silly, but honestly, how are we to find something if we don’t even know what we’re looking for? 

Once I knew what details in my shoe print to look for, I easily started seeing my shoe print going the opposite direction. There it was amidst all the other shoe prints from those that passed through after me. 

It made me think about how God is always there in the midst of it all, in all the chaos, in all the blurry details. God’s footprint in my life is clear once I know what to look for. 

Remember, He’s a big God! He’s bigger than any problem you’ll ever face. Remember, He created you and He has the power to make the seemingly impossible possible. 

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