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Around Town – {San Diego Children’s Photographer}

Friday, June 1st, 2012

A couple weeks ago, on one of my normal routes around town, I saw fields of beautiful yellow flowers that I just had to photograph! I could just picture it – sunset, my pretty children, and a sea of gold in the background. To make it more enjoyable, or to basically kill at least 3 birds with one stone, the kids and I set on an adventure on our bikes.  I promised them that we would play at the park, as long as they would appease me by stopping whenever I saw the perfect setting for photos. Overall, it went really well, and I was able to find several new, awesome photo shoot locations.  These are places I probably would not have really found if we had just drove to the park.  I’m just so thrilled with the lighting in these locations and am in love with these photos (I think I probably always say that, don’t I?)

The photos……



The Tree At Sunset

Love in a blanket

I hate kisses

Hazy Beach Day {Pacific Beach – Lifestyle Photographer}

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

This year I plan to get down the beach much much more than I have in past years – the reason why is quite obvious in the photos below – nothing like unwinding after a long week at a mostly empty beach (won’t be like that for long as the weather starts warming up!)…

san diego beach photography

san diego beach photography

san diego beach photography

san diego beach photography