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Yesterday, my not quite 5 year old daughter and I headed off to one of my favorite locations. I tried to get my oh-so-big 9 year old son to come along, but he wanted nothing of it. He rather stay home with dad and have a Nerf war… Last time I checked, wasn’t yesterday Mother’s Day??? That’s ok, he did promise to let me photograph him on another day.

So I spent the better half of last week envisioning how this session would go. I knew I would have to build an A-frame tent and make some very earthy headbands. I knew my daughter would be the perfect subject. I also knew she would be wearing her pretty sundresses. I decided pretty last minute on the location. I had a few different spots in mind, but I think all along I knew that this place was calling me – afterall, that’s why I say it’s “enchanted”. From the moment I laid my eyes on this location in Lakeside, about two years ago, I have been drawn to it over and over again (once when the kids took a trip to Narnia, and another time when this sweet family had their photos done there).

So, with all that said, here’s what we ended up with – I couldn’t be happier. These should work well for her “five year” photos.  Next, I am planning to get the boy out there for his “nine year” photos and attempt to get photos that match hers. Finally, I am going to try to get the whole family out there for a quick family shoot, again, matching. And that’s how a photographer gets a full family session done (just in case you ever wondered)!
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